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    • Quality of water during lifespan 13
    • Taste of the filtered water 8
    • Included meter on containers 6
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    • Limited lifespan of filter 19
    • Quality of product 17
    • High cost 13
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Yea, like we suspected, they don't work as well as advertised. Don't waste your $ just install a 20" carbon filter for 20 bucks. They last weeks if not a month and work just as well.

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I purchased zero water filter 23 cups last worked well for 1 week.And the water now tasts sour.I am told by customer support that zero water is not recommended for phoenix as TDS is rated as 600 in this area and we can only get 4-5 gallons of water per filter. I am returning it back in walmart.

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I bought the Zero Water Filtration System (ZWFS) on the assumption that it was a better product than the one I bought. ZWFS was compared to the product I have. I was enjoying the the taste from the ZWFS as compared to my current product, ZWFS had no after taste, and no smells to it. After about 2-3 weeks the water smelled and tasted like chlorine. I did try rinsing out the container and refill it again. I am really disappointed with this... Read more

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I bought what I thought was a great pitcher on July 1, 2016. Water tasted fantastic until 3 weeks later, when we started noticing a fishy taste and smell. Taking it back to walmart and going back to a PUR water pitcher.

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The water really tastes horrible Read more

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I have used zero water filtration pitchers for years, but the most recent filter i purchased is releasing black and gold colored particles. Are these particles toxic? My filter is less than a month old. I am very concerned about this, please reply. Read more

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Zerowater - NO problem with Zero Water system!
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My first experience with the Zero Water system was in Georgia. It was very positive: water tasted great, filters lasted a long time. Only 1 person in the household. My experience changed when I moved to California. I experienced a quicker decline in the quality of the water and the length of time the filter worked before reaching 6. After research, I discovered the problem was in the TDS:total dissolved solids in CA water not with the... Read more

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I bought a zerowater ZS-008 stainless steel pitcher and the lid keeps falling off when I try to pour water out. ZeroWater keeps telling me they don't see it as been an issue they can reproduce and sent me replacement lids but they all do the same thing. There is nothing to lock the lid in. Has anyone had the same issue? I am very very lost and it's very frustrating!

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I have two zero water pitchers, when one of the pitchers reaches .006 I use it to pre-filter the water I use for the second pitcher. Think of it this way, if your tap water is showing a reading of 275 the old filter at .006 is still producing water that is more than 45,000 times cleaner. So I use the old filer to pre-filter the water for the new filter until it reaches the reading of the tap water before filtering. I've been using this process... Read more

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i love the zero water pitcher found out about the filter clog so that is great info but the filter is very heavy and does not always lock in and since its so heavy it cracked the pitcher Read more

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