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  • Customers like
    • Quality of water during lifespan 12
    • Taste of the filtered water 8
    • When it worked 5
  • Customers don't like
    • Limited lifespan of filter 18
    • Quality of product 17
    • High cost 13

I dislike Zero water intensely. Going back to my Brita. Which did not stink like fishy water. Zero Water get a minus 100 million Trillion. At first I thought it was my kettle. So I went out and bought a new one. The tester I got only shows a red light when the filter is past its date. Showed OK then I boiled the water in my kettle. Hence, my puzzlement. Stank. This is going into my re cycle bin. It is so stinky the whole kitchen smelled. Yuck,... Read more

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Filters only work like one time then they make an awful tasting bitter water that tastes like poison! Has to be the most expensive water I ever drank when you take into account the cost of the container and the high price of replacement filters that only are good for one time. At first I thought one of my kids poured something in the water as a prank but when I switched the filter the replacement did the same thing. I threw the whole thing in... Read more

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When I first bought the Zero Pitcher I was thrilled. Obviously I had to buy replacement filters. I bought a box of 6 because the savings to buy that many was significant. Now I get two pitchers of good water, and maybe one or two of so-so water, then the fish-sour smell and taste starts--my dog won't even drink it. Also, after the first two pitchers, black sand like particles begin to come up out of the filter (perhaps it is charcoal). I am... Read more

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After about 2 weeks the zero water pitcher smelled like nasty fish. I was mixing baby formula with this water! I'm really disappointed in the product. Wish I would've found these hundreds of other reviews others posted about the same problem! They make it sound so great on the commercial! Don't buy this junk! Read more

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ZERO WATER is a scam. It does not remove cryptospiridia or giardia cysts, arsenic, chloramines (byproduct of chlorine breakdown), viruses, bacteria, VOCs,. I live where we frequently get "boil water advisory" usually because coliform content exceeds government allowable. ZERO WATER will do nothing to make water safe that must be boiled to remove bacteria. And I wouldn't buy any system that requires me to change filter every two... Read more

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The new replacement filters that i bought from Bed Bath and Beyond don't allow the pitcher to fill with water the whole way Add comment

I used zero water for baby formula and it started smelling like fish. All the bottles smelled like fish, even the boiling pot smelled like fish. This is the worst product I have used. Never again!! Read more

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I now have 70 filters in my garage. I have gone through 4 TBS filter testing devices; in the last 12 months. I have been informed by you that in order to replace the TBS device I will have to go to Amazon and order one at a cost of $20.00; plus shipping! Things have changed for the worse in my opinion at ZERO WATER. I can get a new meter (unless you have changed this policy also) by purchasing a new unit that contains a pitcher and filter(s).... Read more

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After 3 weeks of the ZeroWater filtering our water, it started smelling fishy. I cleaned out the container and actually used distilled (000) water but the fish smell still came out of the filter. Then I googled the issue and found about 100 complaints of fish smell. I will not buy this product again. "So, not only is the filter life greatly exaggerated (or grossly misleading at best), but the fishy smell is practically a guarantee once the... Read more

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I don't have a zero water picture. But I would like to have one that would work on the fawcett. I would jump at the chance to have one. Add comment

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