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  • 11 hours ago
  • Health and Beauty
  • Victoria, Texas
  • Zero Water
  • 38

We've used Zero Water for about 4 years now. There is no comparison to Brita or Pur, it is clearly the best filtration system on the market. The water tastes great! There can be some charcoal 'yellow beads', as someone else wrote in a review, but this comes up from the filter and does not affect the purified water. I recommend this product frequently. I would have to spend hundreds of dollars to... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Utility
  • Water Filtration System
  • 50

The Zero H20 water filtration system is nothing but ***!! Here in NM we have better H20 than that !! I agree with most of the complaints in this site, if I wanted fishy water than I will go to Ramah lake or to blue water lake. Not going to buy this ever again!! I want my money back and would like to put this info out there for every one to read! I am going to go back yo walmart and personaly show... Read more

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  • Aug 17
  • Utility
  • Water Filter
  • 255

I have always used Britta water filters...but the taste was still off...So I had heard how wonderful the Zero water filtration system was with all the different steps it took the tap water through...So I purchased one for my fridge..the mid sized with the little spigot at the bottom... It was great for 2 weeks and then the water began to taste like someone had squeezed lemons in it...I dumped it... Read more

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  • Aug 17
  • Utility
  • Positive Experience
  • 99

We've been using our zero water filter for about 4 years. I don't use any other water for drinking or cooking. If I have a complaint, it might be that the filter doesn't last longer than it does. Also, the pitcher gets heavy and I tend to 'lean' it on the point when I pour, causing a hole in the point. Now, I transfer the filtered water to another pitcher that isn't so heavy, thus saving the... Read more

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Water almost taste like lenom, looks like the filters let some of the materials back into the water, little yellow balls, and black carbon. Add comment

  • Aug 10
  • Utility
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Water Filtration System
  • 1
  • 169

I bought this product and will be returning it. The water literally tasted something like gasoline and I spit it out. And that is NOT how filtered water is supposed to taste, for any dillholes out there that want to say, "oh, that's how it's supposed to taste-you've just never had water filtered that well". The taste was so pungent, it stayed in my mouth and I had to use mouthwash to remove... Read more

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  • Aug 09
  • Utility
  • Pitcher Replacement
  • 522

Well, I've found these pitchers to be a complete waste of time, effort and money. The first time I tried setting everything up according to the instructions, I did not get a zero reading on the water meter. I called customer service and they told me to let the pitcher soak in warm water with a scoop of baking soda for 10 minutes. That worked, got a zero reading on the T.D.S. meter. After... Read more

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  • Jul 29
  • Utility
  • Vinegar Taste Water
  • 2
  • 278

We bought the 19 dollar version for our fridge about 3 weeks ago. Water was great the first 2 weeks. Now the water has a diluted vinegar taste...Lousy product! Going back to bottled water! Read more

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  • Jul 23
  • Utility
  • Teardrop Shaped Pitcher
  • 2
  • 254

I purchased the teardrop shaped pitcher, to replace my britia (which I gave to my mother) With the Britia I could fill the "to be filtered" portion of the pitcher and still use the filtered portion of stored water. With the zerowater it just starts leaking water all over the place. The little triangle on the lid never opens on its own I have to pick it out and then pour the water out. The... Read more

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  • Jul 22
  • Utility
  • Zero Water Filter
  • 615

Think about this: the Zero Water filter removed "everything" from your water; all the contaminants, not just most. Therefore, the higher the level of contaminants in your water supply, the faster the filter will reach its saturation point. So if your water system is high in, for example, iron or magnesium or.... the faster the filter reaches a point of inefficiency. You can't have it both way,... Read more

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