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I had really bad experience with the zero filter and jug. The water tastes sour and after 30 days, exactly their warranty period expires, the water tastes like rotten fish. I almost throw up drinking that water. I was using Britta filter and jug for so many years, and...
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I didn't like
  • Dead fish filter smell
I guess our expectations are just higher than they should be. I was hoping to get 3 or 4 more months out of the Zero filter. People's experience will obviously vary depending on how many people are in a household and/or how much water and the type of water is filtered....
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What is the secret to get the water filter to filter the water more quickly. As of right now it takes almost a good 30-45 minutes for water to drain in my 23 cup picture

I liked
  • Quality of filtered water
  • Idea of the product
I didn't like
  • Cost of filter for amount filtered
  • Lifespan of filters

Zerowater Water Filter Review from Edmonton, Alberta

Water taste better nefore it went thru the zerowater filters. Very disappointed with this product

Zerowater Water Filter Review from Airdrie, Alberta

Yellowish growth at top of filter and surrounding area. Not sure what it is could someone explain please. We keep in fridge
It seems I need to change the filter every week. For one week I thought it was the greatest filter in the world. The test reader started to read quickly higher number on the screen. We need to change filter after the meeter reads 0.06. Well, for couple of days it read...
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No idea what your doing wrong but I will tell you what I do. I distill (boil) all my water and let it cool. I then run it threw the zerowater filter. The less ppm the longer t...


Issue has not been resiolved. My friends think I should return the zero system to where I bought. No one contacted me from zero water system either

I didn't like
  • Gone bad so quckly
  • Limited lifespan of filtet
  • Limited lifespan of filter

Zerowater Water Filter Review from Calgary, Alberta

I only drink water & 1cup of coffee / day. After about 4 to 6 weeks the water starts smelling & tasting like rotten fish. The water in Calgary tests about 160 ppm.
We have used the Zero Water filter system for over two years now and experienced a "smell problem" only once, at the beginning. Research revealed that the filter needs to be changed when the meter reveals a reading of .006. We thought that we should wait a little...
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High River, Alberta

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