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I've had a zero water pitcher for over year. I've never had to change the filter and my water which comes from a Creek is clean and delicious.

When my grandson was born I bought a table top "zero water" for my daughter to use for his formula. A few weeks ago the baby started getting flu symptoms with vomiting and diarrhea. While visiting I tasted the water from my daughters zero water pitcher and almost threw up. not only was the water acrid and bitter it tasted as though I was drinking from a filthy fish tank.

The smell was horrendous. I wrapped the filter in two plastic bags to mute the odor. I'm going to take this to a lab and have it tested. in the mean time my infant grandson is being tested for Giardia and other water borne illnesses.

Zero water company is going to hear from me...oh you bet!

In the mean time I urge everyone not to use this to filter water for infants. the results could be tragic.

Reason of review: Dangerous for infants.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Babe my infant grandson sick.

I didn't like: Poor quality of filters that may contain unsafe organisms.

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?That's your freaking child. You need to SERIOUSLY check that. Filters don't last forever.

You need to stay on top of that. And the fact that it smelled that bad and ONLY NOTICED IT AFTER YOUR BABY GOT SICK seriously concerns me.


I am curious after a month of use my zero water is 368. I never got the 006 code to change the filter.

my water started at 589 and did test 000. please advise

to Cynthia G #1489204

006 isn't a code, they're saying that you should replace it when it gets over 6. I'd wait until 10 or 15 though.

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