The zero water filtration system is nice, but the design of the pitcher is bad. I have a heck of a time getting the lid on it.

Also, the seam in the plastic on the inside of the handle is sharp. It hurts and feels like it could cut my hand. I cannot afford to buy another system. I am not a happy customer when it comes to the pitcher.

The filtration works well. My tap water was 184. With zero, of course it was 000.

They need to get a lid to fit and go on easier. Also, a smooth handle would be great.

Review about: Zerowater Filtration System.

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Far Rockaway, New York, United States #1224137

So true.


Could not agree with you more! The design of this pitcher is a joke!

You can't get the top off without a struggle AND it's top heavy so pitchers of water will fall over.

There is no way the designers of this pitcher could not see this! Save your packaging and receipt.


I am having the same difficulty. The lid will not stay on the pitcher and mine does not have a spigot so I have to leave the lid off.

The little plastic flip top only lasted one day! Love the water, hate the pitcher.

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