I bought the pitcher and filter and in the beginning it was fine then I got the lemon water taste. Now the last 2 filters are leaking black particles and some yellow material.

I won't buy another the filters are too expensive for this type of problem. I never had the different readings on the test meter that some had. I use to use the Pur water filter I switched to Zero Water because it sounded better and in the beginning it was better.

The first filter I had no problems with the rest turned out to be garbage. So makes the best water filter???

Monetary Loss: $77.

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I live in Bergen County. My TDS is 300-400.

If I use a Zero Water filter straight from tap it lasts 2-3 weeks.

I have a cheap tap filter, from there a cheap pitcher filter. That goes into my Zero Water and the filter lasts 5-6 weeks.

to Anonymous #1270923



Since my posting on Jan. 31, 2015; I have tried to get an answer to my qurie on "filters" instead of "purifiers"...no answer from ZERO water!

I now believe that I was scamed by ZEROWATER. Will not buy this product anymore...btw ZEROWATER...your customer relations suck!

Lakeland, Florida, United States #939124

We too have had filters with the little gritty pebbles in our water loading tray accompanied by a yellow waxy substance at the filters top! ALSO; u folks are using the term "filter" for your product that U used to label PURIFIER---world of difference in efficiency between both!

Why are u not still classifying this as a purifier and not a filter?

U also eliminated the spigot located at the bottom of the water jug! Why?


I am having the same problem! First and second filter great but this one.....

Seal Beach, California, United States #673578

Are you sure the black particles are coming from the Zero filter? I was using a Brita filter and I would always find those black particles but just assumed it was debris from my plumbing.

to LBNLBC Lakeland, Florida, United States #939127

Never had anything but Zero water...is it now classified as a "filter" instead of a "purifier"...world of difference in removing bad stuff from city water!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #649415

They sent me a replacement filter and it did the same thing.... no more zero water... I think it is a scam the tds filters DO NOT WORK

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