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Have used Zero Water for a couple years with no problems.

However the last three filters became blocked after half the reservoir was processed. Hours later, the water still hadnt moved thru the filter.

One was brand new.

I am finished with Zero Water.

These filters are too expensive to have to put up with this nonsense.

And their website troubleshooting was useless. Didnt even address it

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Zero Water contacted me. It was suggested to remivecthe filter and tap it where the water level is ti dislodge/break up a suspected air bubble.

It worked again for about one day, then completely stopped flowing at that level once again. I'm still done with Zero Water.

Zero Flow to me. I am still pissed at not just my lost money, but wasted time and frustration.


I have had issues with filters also, called customer service and they replaced them x2

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