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I have been smelling something fishy for a few months.The smell started out smelling like a fish bowl, then rotted fish.

By the time I finally realized that it was coming from my Zero Water filter, I had Giardiasis!! The more my stomach ached, the more water I drank, making it worse. I pulled the filter out and saw mold growing inside the filter. And I even keep the water in the refrigerator!

I have had Giardiasis for over two weeks now and since I don't have health insurance, I had to pay for the trip to urgent care and the prescription for Flagyl!

I'm still sick with bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.I want compensation for this product from the company!

Monetary Loss: $150.


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Us too!The first time our water tasted moldy we immediately changed the filter and cleaned the tank...but one month later same thing and even worse!

It's disgusting and I don't understand why it gets moldy tasting and smelly, we kept it in the fridge as well. We threw it out today...ALL DONE!

No risking a 3rd time.My husband uses the water for his CPap so that's awesome he was breathing in mold all night, no wonder he's been cough for 3 months...very upset.

North Branch, Michigan, United States #1302545

Same nasty smell from my Zero Pitcher! Disgusting and yes,

I have been sick with stomach issues and the rest.

Will never buy this again. Don['t waste your money.


You're "still" sick because the problem is with your water, not the filter.Duh.

You can take flagyl til the cows come home but if you continue to drink contaminated water you'll continue to have giardia.

P.S.It's contagious so I hope you aren't preparing food for your family or even touching them without washing your hands thoroughly first.


If you were truly diagnosed with giardia, then the problem lies with your water, not the filter.Alternatively, giardia can be transmitted via food or contact with any infected individual.

Again, the filter is not the problem.

Surely the ER attending would have explained this to you.You were just fishing (pun intended) for a payout to which you are not entitled.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1297315

We have also been experiencing the same symptoms.Sore throats, sinus trouble and nausea.

Zero water filter is making us sick!

The fish smell is from mold growth from what I read.DO not purchase and spread the words


While you may have certainly been sick...You did not have giardiasis! I don't think deer or any other animals were pooping in your zero water system.

Pocatello, Idaho, United States #1254174

The giardia didn't come from the water pitcher. It came from the water you were using in it.

London, Ontario, Canada #1234274

Yes, my zero water went fishy and the filter was mouldy. It was only a month old. It was the large capacity filter and I'm just one person, so it wasn't from over use.


My Zerowater started to smell fishy and I stopped drinking. I'm curious as to why you continued to drink yours for so long? Buy a new filter.

to Anonymous London, Ontario, Canada #1234275

The instructions say to replace the filter after the water meter starts to show high numbers. Also, my filter is less than a month old, it's the large capacity one and I'm just one person. It shouldn't be mouldy and in need of replacement already.

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