Saw a coupon for Zero Water $30 off coupon - but it turns out that it's not $30 off at all - but a combination of coupons that if you used them all (and spent much more than the cost of the product), you would have saved $30. This is what is called deceptive advertising - or in my mind, actual fraud - you are not getting what they claim they are giving you.

I tried calling them - and they said they had NO coupons at all - and they only had "in store" coupons - but could not give me them either - but would ask that some be sent to me. Thinking of buying a different product.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Zerowater Cons: Deceptive 30 dollar discount.

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

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I agree they could have emailed you the coupon's..


Cannot believe that such an expensive filtration system (cost per filter) can have such a short lifespan. Once the filter is shot (in our case less than 2 weeks) the water is terrible tasting.

I order lemon for my water at every restaurant. The sour taste produced by the Zero Water filter makes the water undrinkable for me.

I will return and expect my money back. More than disappointed with this product!



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