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Zerowater - Zd 018 Zd 023 1 Review from Atlanta, Georgia
I love my Zero water pitcher and water dispenser. I've noticed the filter changes more often during different season changes of the year. The water where I live is toxic and I'm so thankful for Zero filter systems. Thank you, the cost is well worth my peace of mind. ...
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I ordered a zero water tumbler to use at work. I managed to drop it on a concrete floor only 48 hours after receiving it. At the time I was impressed that only the outer chamber cracked, and contacted customer service to see if I could buy just that one part, rather...
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With Official Company Response

I bought the 12 cup pitcher with tester included for $36.00 and a 2pk replacement filters for 29.95 at the PX on Fort Hood. The tester only worked for the first day, the o ring around the top of the filter leaked badly from both sides of the filter, so much of the...
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Zerowater Response

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us. In order to get a perfect 000 (and prevent leaking from the filter), there must be a complete seal when the filter is screwed in to pr...

The zerowater probe is a red light on top of the probe. It always reads red and must be replaced for free. Please rectify this problem immediately before other steps must be taken or offer me a full refund of $39.99 from Walmart. Thank You for Your assistance. I would...
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Best water filter available. Sounds like idiots got ahold of your site
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this responder sounds like a zero filter distributor. I tried a clearly filtered filter and the first one only lasted 3 weeks. sent the pitcher and filter back for a refund. t...


This is the best portable water filter on the U.S. market. Maybe if these people took the time and put the effort (work) into researching and learning about their water they w...

I bought this product and will be returning it. The water literally tasted something like gasoline and I spit it out. And that is NOT how filtered water is supposed to taste, for any dillholes out there that want to say, "oh, that's how it's supposed to taste-you've...
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I don't know what to say about people who make the claim that they can't tell the difference between filtered water and tap. *** even my cat can tell the difference, as soon a...


that's a pretty blanket statement that all water in the USA is OK to drink. you must be a city guy on municipal water . We who live in the country may not be so lucky. I have ...


Zerowater Zero Water Pitcher Review from Atlanta, Georgia

Been using zero water pitcher for 2 weeks, the water coming out of the filter has a horrible fishy smell it is bubbly/soapy. My family and I have been drinking nasty water thanks to the filter!
I have been using Zero Water for over a year. My water comes from my personal well on my property. My water from the zero water has always tasted good. I'm just now changing my filter. I've never smelled or tasted anything bad from the water. My only...
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Does it remove the hardness of the water? I have well water. My hair has turned color and my skin feels slimy. I'm looking for something to turn this around. Thanks!

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