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Like another reviewer, I had the gold not orange granules, a little black too, but mostly these tiny gold, round granules like grains of sand or salt, as you can see in the photo I have uploaded. They are coming up from the filter through the screen when you pour water into it, as you can just about make out in the photo.

However, if you put the filter in good light, you can see inside all these tiny gold crystals. This has been going on for a while and also with the prior filter I had. I thought it was something to do with my water, then thought it was my Brita pitcher because I use Brita then pour that water in Zero Water. But when I stopped using the Brita and just poured the water straight in ZW, the gold granules floated up out of the filter and I then noticed what looks like hundreds of the gold crystals or granules inside the filter.

What are they? Are they harmful to one's health?

I already put a call into Zero Water. I can be reached at {{redacted}}.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zerowater Water Filter.

Reason of review: Concerned that my health could be compromised and want to know if drinking this water is safe..

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I think these are the same micro-beads that California's new law bans. I don't trust them.


Has it been determined if it’s safe to continue to use filter with the gold and black granules floating in the filter reservoir?


They are resin beads. So they are most likely some kind of plastic.

A similar system is used by "taste engineers" who create water filters for companies like Starbucks and Peete's Coffee to give branded products a unique taste.

Pretty gross if you ask me. Charcoal/carbon or ceramic filters are probably a better way to go.


Same issue here. However we did not have this issue when we lived in the Ft.

Worth, Texas area. It just started when we moved to Northern Utah a few months ago.

Our pitcher worked fine at the Home2 Suites by Hilton we were staying at while looking for a home. The problem started in our new residence, so I’m wondering if it’s a combination of a faulty filter & hard water.


I'm having the same issue and I'm not convinced the gold particles are 100% safe as has been mentioned. Until the material the particles are made of is known, no one can know if they're safe.

Also, no one knows if they're dangerous if ingested. Swallowing them may not be harmful, but if they become lodged in the throat, I can see how that might cause problems. I've had a persistent cough for as long as I've been using my Zero Water. I'm wondering if perhaps some of these little particles got lodged in my throat, causing an irritation, which causes the cough.

I've been going to the a pulmonology department of my hospital for a couple of years and they still don't know what's causing my cough. I'll be bringing samples of the particles with me and will report back.


I have the same issue. Company is not returning my calls.

I've only had the unit for 4 weeks and have found the debris in my kettle too.

I'm also experiencing stomach problems. They feel like plastic to me.


So I am going with the assumption that the gold balls I see are not fish eggs or anything, they are just part of the filter showing breaking apart. Which probably means it is time to replace the filter.


I had the same thing, changed the 23 gallon filter and it registered at 00.9 usually registers 0.00 after changing filter. Also noted a fishy taste to the water. Dumped and refilled to be a 0.11 and noticed gold colored looks like " small fish eggs" ??


it doesn't tell you what the pellets are


I am also facing same issue with ZW filter?Shall we continue using this filter?


I too am still waiting for an explanation of why this orange Goldie stuff creeps up near the end of the service life of each filter. Poor consumer response from the company.


I have the same issue. I stopped using the filter


Me too


I agree with the customer. ZeroWater has an obligation to its clientele, "customers," financial supporters an answer.

What are they and why do those little gold gel pellets reverse out of the filter to the surface?

As a customer, I too would like to know. And what are they?My kids are drinking the water too so what is the answer?mypremail@yahoo.com


I have just noticed this as well. Seeing clear littles particles that are seeping into my filtered zero water drinking water. Is it still safe to drink?




Mine does this all the time. Every time we replace the filter it coughs up all these crystals. Even gold colored ones right out of the package.


This happened to ours too.


The gold colored beads are what removes most of the toxic particles from the water. Typically if these are bubbling up from your filter you should replace it.

I see carbon (black dust) float up from mine all the time. Its not an issue. I have been using the Zero Water filter for years.

The only issue is that it takes everything out of the water. Therefore I add a pinch of Hyml Sea Salts to each liter of water.


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