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Like another reviewer, I had the gold not orange granules, a little black too, but mostly these tiny gold, round granules like grains of sand or salt, as you can see in the photo I have uploaded. They are coming up from the filter through the screen when you pour water into it, as you can just about make out in the photo.

However, if you put the filter in good light, you can see inside all these tiny gold crystals. This has been going on for a while and also with the prior filter I had. I thought it was something to do with my water, then thought it was my Brita pitcher because I use Brita then pour that water in Zero Water. But when I stopped using the Brita and just poured the water straight in ZW, the gold granules floated up out of the filter and I then noticed what looks like hundreds of the gold crystals or granules inside the filter.

What are they? Are they harmful to one's health?

I already put a call into Zero Water. I can be reached at 518-573-7163.

This reviewer shared experience about "concerned that my health could be compromised and want to know if drinking this water is safe." and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $100. The author is overall dissatisfied with Zerowater and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I too am still waiting for an explanation of why this orange Goldie stuff creeps up near the end of the service life of each filter. Poor consumer response from the company.


I have the same issue. I stopped using the filter


Me too


I agree with the customer. ZeroWater has an obligation to its clientele, "customers," financial supporters an answer.

What are they and why do those little gold gel pellets reverse out of the filter to the surface?

As a customer, I too would like to know. And what are they?My kids are drinking the water too so what is the answer?mypremail@yahoo.com


I have just noticed this as well. Seeing clear littles particles that are seeping into my filtered zero water drinking water. Is it still safe to drink?




Mine does this all the time. Every time we replace the filter it coughs up all these crystals. Even gold colored ones right out of the package.


This happened to ours too.


The gold colored beads are what removes most of the toxic particles from the water. Typically if these are bubbling up from your filter you should replace it.

I see carbon (black dust) float up from mine all the time. Its not an issue. I have been using the Zero Water filter for years.

The only issue is that it takes everything out of the water. Therefore I add a pinch of Hyml Sea Salts to each liter of water.

to Anonymous #1548402

Never, ever publish personal information on an open internet site. You may well open Pandora's Box into your own life so I recommend highly that you cease and desist.


Zerowater finally sent me 2 new filters,.I WON'T drink the water after I put it thru Brita first then ZW,.I BOIL it after its been thru filters,.My dogs drink it when its been taken out of fridge,.If they can drink Lake water then they can drink this water after I go thru all the processes,..

Dallas, Texas, United States #1332087

Having the same issues. It happens multiple times with the last sets of filters I've been using since last year.

before they re-designed the filters, it never happen before and the filters lasted almost twice as long.

I've been a faithful zero water consumer for 5 years in 5 different states and its starting to *** me off. This product is expensive and it is starting to not be worth it.

to jsantoyojr #1427862


to Anonymous #1565145

It's a5 stage filter, why don't you look up how those work. Normally 3 stage is considered safe water and they include Screen rocks Pebbles sand Carcoal Strainer It goes rocks filter out the large solids, followed by the second stage which filters out the small stuff solids, thrid stage filters out micro solids Charcoal cleans/kills Strainer makes sure only water comes out, and screen holds the layers.

The gold is most likely a sand or sand alternativein the 3rd stage, and black is the activated charcoal.

This is a time proven method of making clean drinking water and is used the world over, 100% safe. Note this method does not kill viruses

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1264204

Mine does this usually when my filter is expired. The filter has layers of resin beads and charcoal and I think this is what you're seeing. I've never seen them go through into the drinking water only on top of the filter.

to Anonymous #1420638

Our lemony water started a week after we got it. :(

Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, United States #1264082

Same thing happened to our filter. The ppm meter measured 001 in the filtered water but began tasting funny as well. To be fair we have used the filter for 2 months or more.

Fresno, California, United States #1263504

The large capacity unit clearly shows two filters working at the same time but only one can be used at a time , deceptive and false advertising , thinking about calling a Lawyer

Zerowater Response

Thank you for reaching out to us the yellow beads are ion exchange beads and are not harmful. If the carbon in the filter dries up and/or there is a high pressure stream of water that hits the top of the filter, the resin may sometimes rise to the top.

We will have customer service reach out to you to assist you further. Thank you.

to Zerowater Response Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1339955

What does the ion exchange beads do?

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