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I bought the large dispenser and 8 filters in October 2015. So far the water is great!

After reading these reviews today, I'm seriously hoping whatever quality control issue is apparently happening with the filters will be resolved before I need to order more.

I am experiencing another issue with the filters I have not yet seen mentioned - they get very slow and virtually stop working after about 10 gallons! Today, I finally figured out that if I increase the slant of the reservoir towards the filter, the filter once again works quickly, almost like new.

So, while this make the dispenser on the counter a bit awkward with the reservoir turned at a right angle to the tank, it is at least working again. We use a lot of water for drinking, making ice and iced tea, and all cooking needs, so I sincerely hope I get more out of a filter now that I have resolved this problem.

This person wrote the review because of "short filter-life, but may just be poor design on the dispenser" of zerowater water filter from Zerowater. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $50 and wants Zerowater to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was design needs refining. Author liked the most taste of the filtered water and dispenser vs pitcher option. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Had the slow very filtering issue after a few gallons. Taking the filter out, turning it upside down, tapping, etc., then reinstalling - fixed it. Zero tds reading before and after.

Roanoke, Virginia, United States #1285727

I like your suggest and will try it.


I have been using the Zero water filter ever since they came on the market and I certainly have never had any of the problems mentioned by previous customers. If I use town water the filters lasts about 3 months before it reaches .06 but as I have a rain water tank I still use the pitcher for that as well just to get rid of any stuff that comes down the gutters , the the filter last about 6 months and have never had a fishy taste or smell. Love my Zero water filter pitchers.


just start noticing this issue myself; thank you for your suggestion


This is caused by air block in the filter, I contacted customer service with the same problem, here is the response , it works perfect again:

Sometimes the filters will develop an air pocket inside them. This can happen as the filter contents settle in transit or during the filtration process as air bubbles can become trapped inside of the filter.

Then once the water level in the pitcher meets the air pocket it can stop or severely slow down the flow of water through the filter due to the pressure of the water both above and below the air pocket inside the filter. To alleviate this it is best to lift the filter and reservoir out of the pitcher or dispenser and tap the side of the filter using moderate force to help break up the air pocket. Then take just the filter & reservoir to the sink and put about an inch of water into the reservoir and allow that to run through the filter and right into the sink to displace and dispel the air pocket.

After that has completed then return the filter and reservoir to the pitcher or dispenser and continue to filter water as normal.

If this does not solve your issue please contact our technical team at 1-800-503-2939 option 2. They are available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM.

Thank you,

Customer Service

Customer Service Supervisor ZERO Water

Westmont, Illinois, United States #1095190

Thank you for that info, I bought 2 of the 32 cup dispenser

yesterday and they both stopped filtering! I sure hope tilting

them will work? Thanks

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