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I'm a very longtime (near 10 years) user of ZeroWater, and have almost always been happy about the water quality, but unhappy about the pitcher design and customer service. Original filters often got stuck, did not flow - but the water was great. Until recently. The pitchers, on the other hand, cannot have been designed by anyone who uses pitchers, and were clearly never focus-group or otherwise consumer tested. E.g.: the original 10-cup pitcher (not the new ReadyPour), comes with a pouring spout that is widely curved and has an odd plastic bit in the spout area that further exacerbates the uncontrolled gushing pour action that makes filling a bottle impossible and even filling another (easier-controlled) pitcher not neat. So, we couldn't wait to get the new 10-cup ReadyPour when it was (finally) available (only via Walmart).

Finally did that a month or so ago, and what arrived was a badly, messy, retro-fitted 8-cup pitcher with an "improved" water reservoir construction that is supposed to increase the 8-cup capacity to 10-cup because the extra 2 cups can reside in the reservoir and still allow you to pour while the pitcher is 'downloading' the water or when the pitcher is full. What we received looked like a very bad experiment, a prototype, that had rough edges, glue showing, and the reservoir leaked/gushed like crazy while trying to pour with water in the reservoir and the top (supposedly) sealed. The seal was not even close to tight - big gap. (photos of mess attached) Customer service wanted photos of the mess, and did send a replacement fairly quickly.

Received replacement a few days ago. The pitcher looks professionally made, but it still leaks (though less) when trying to pour while water is still in the reservoir. The sealed top is still not really a good seal, and yet it is very hard to lift off this removable top to refill the pitcher. It does not want to come up - good suction and no lift-leverage. This time customer service has been less responsive. Design is still a big issue: the more V-shaped spout (compared to original 10-cup design) still does not make a clean pour for some reason, and the pour-spout flap doesn't lift cleanly and makes the pour messy and worse.

And, final complaint: the filter that came with this new pitcher does not work properly. It is correctly installed, water filters through fine, but the water that comes out does NOT measure 0. It *started* at 16, and is now, a couple of days later, at 20. My local tap water only measures 39 right now, so there is no excuse. Previous filters stayed at 0 for a very long time - I had no recent complaints with them. I'm concerned, reading all the filter complaints in here, that their QA has fallen apart. I'm still trying to get customer service to respond and attempt to explain the filter issue. I have no idea what to do about the new RP pitcher itself, however....

Bottom line: the water, when the filters work properly, is great. It's the only reason we have stuck with the annoyance of the horrible, badly-designed pitchers and the work-arounds we have been forced into to effectively make use of the water. I am now concerned about their seemingly worsening QA and still-awful pitcher design. Unfortunately Brita does not clean our water well enough.

This reviewer shared experience about "faulty pitcher design, defective filter" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $115. The author is overall dissatisfied with Zerowater and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about zerowater filter from Zerowater was pitcher design and recent faulty filter - starts well above 0 , but reviewer liked quality of filtered water. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Derby, Kansas, United States #1106508

I agree the lid blows, other then that the waters great.

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