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I am very dissatisfied with the filters, I have used Britta and Pur for a long time but decided to try Zero Water and it is a big fat zero! They do not last long and the water tastes bad after a short while... it's the filter that tastes bad! Not my water! What is...
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Im pretty sure they put something in the filter that makes water taste bad after the filter is done. Great for their bottom line. Horrible for a customer that doesn't mind 086...


My water tastes awful out of the box. Performed all of the troubleshooting twice. I also have a two stage at the tap I use to fill the pitcher from. It is the filter itself...

Is fabulous!!! Have used it n my salon for 3 years with no problem....You do still have to clean your base periodically tho as with any water service...This is probably why some reviews show unhappy people. My filters last a long time...water is great...even my cancer...
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I own a home in Arizona but work and rent apt in California... Toting water upstairs was difficult and I will not drink the water here in California because it smelled and tas...


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