Greenfield, Massachusetts
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I was getting hives on face and throat was swollen. Found black mold on botton of Zero water container!

So upset & i kept it in refrigerator except to fill it and clean it! Dangerous & I am contacting company for refund!!

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Sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction. ZeroWater filters contain an antibacterial material designed to prohibit the growth of mold within the filter, what you are seeing is more likely carbon from the filter.

Please do give us a call at 800-503-2939, so we can discuss further. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you taking the time to post your review.


It’s more likely that what you’re seeing is some of the carbon particles from the filter itself and not “black mold”. We have that carbon residue all the time in our 23 cup pitcher.

It just needs a good rinse/wash and it goes away. As someone else said, true black mold doesn’t thrive in cold environments and it’s definitely not as widespread as some people would like to believe. It’s really a pretty rare type of mold. Now, mildew the other hand is super common and it appears in wet, dark areas.

So if it isn’t carbon particle buildup, this is most likely your issue.

Easy enough to fix: wash everything in hot water (including the inside of your fridge if that’s where it’s coming from) and dry it thoroughly. Hopefully that clears everything up.


Wow maybe before you start screaming for a refund maybe take a look at your fridge. Maybe you should pull everything out and clean it with bleach.

Black mold doesn’t really grow in very cold environments. So you either keep a very nasty fridge where the gunk in it gets to swirl around or you have a black mold infestation and it’s getting everywhere. There is a easy trick to see which it is. In a small bowl make white grape jello.

Put one in the fridge and one besides the fridge and check it in 24 hours. If you have mold growing in the fridge the issue isn’t the water but mold trapped in your fridge.


Same here

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