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Zerowater does not stand up to it's claims. $11 filters, do a super job for 7 to 10 pitchers worth and then the taste turns sour!! I thought maybe i did something wrong, so gave them a second shot, exact same thing, 10 days and sour taste. Really disappointed!! And,...
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Fort Benton, Montana
I purchased 2 of these pitchers one month ago, one for office and one for home. I use the home pitcher much more than the office pitcher. About a week ago, water in my water bottles started smelling faintly of fish. I thought it was just the bottles and disinfected...
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I have a terrible red rash on legs, arms, stomach I've never had in my life and am deducing to the large pitcher, the nozzle touches the surface so bacteria galore....purchase...


I too notice a fishy snell. I also notice a sour taste. After reading these revues, I'm ditching my Zero water pitcher.

I liked
  • First time we used it
  • Included meter
I didn't like
  • Less than one month span
  • No time to fully detect before skin rash
  • Fishy water
We opened the Zero water pitcher/filter box Christmas Eve as it was a gift. Followed the instructions and filtered water through the system. Before New Year's Eve (note that this was less than a week), we were wondering who left tuna or left cat food out. Identified...
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Sidney, Montana