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It seems as if Zero Water has made it a scam to get us to change the filter more often. If water still goes through the filter it should not get a toxic taste ever.

My tap water does not taste toxic. I want to know why I should continue to buy an expensive filter for the "expensive" filter system if it is going to quit working after only a few gallons filtered.

I have read about 10 or 15 reviewers give similar responses, and I really think that this is a scam. I may try one more filter, but my well water tastes pretty good most of the time compared to what comes out of the system after 1-2 weeks now.

Review about: Zerowater Water Filter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Sour taste after only 10 days, Sour taste that stays in my mouth for days, Cost of filters, Cost of filters vs time it lasts.

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Zerowater Verified Representative

When you notice a difference in taste/smell this means the filter has been exhausted and needs to be replaced. Filter life varies per household - it depends on your household water consumption and the amount of TDS (total dissolved solids) in your tap water.

Do you know what the TDS of your unfiltered tap water is reading? If so, we can give you an estimate of how many gallons of water you should receive per filter.

Since we have no indication of your TDS levels we cannot determine if this filter failed prematurely or reached end of life. It is important that you periodically test your filtered water with your TDS meter and when the light comes on or the meter reads 006 or higher(depending on which meter you have) the filter should be replaced.

to ZeroWaterTeam #1379477

But too short.Spent a lot of money

to ZeroWaterTeam #1430466

You all (ZWteam) can give all the reasons you want for why your filters and/or it's filtered water gives off a fishy smell. You've had this same problem since 2006 from what I've tracked through research, after discovering a putrid fishy odor in my ZeroWater water.

I also have a Brita filter and have NEVER smelled anything "off" from that water, and it comes from the same source.

You know damn well it's from your filters! You would think that after 15 years of the same customer complaints, you would have done something by now!

to jewl636_15 #1430467

*excuse me... correction, 12 years.

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