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Zerowater Filtration System Review from Jersey City, New Jersey

We started using zero water and the length for which the filter can be used is very less ,max 2.5 months. That said the price of the replacement filter is also high.
I bought a Zerowater mini replacement filter as a replacement for a Brita filter. After about 4 days, the water started tasting like "a pencil", and smelling like a pencil. The filter turned black inside. I also was experiencing an upset stomach coincidentally for a...
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Zerowater Response

Hello, You are correct these mini filters will typically only last 3-5 gallons. Filter life, for both the mini filters and regular larger filters (which fit a ZeroWater device...

I am on my second 23-cup Zero Water pitcher. The first one, after literally years of high use cracked and leaked. In the past I kept the pitcher in the refrigerator to dispense wonderful tasting water. Lately I've had it close to the sink for ease of refilling. I...
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Returning mine. Over worked using this system. The inside gets slimy when resting cool in the fridge. Not an easy product to deal with and always a disappointment. Better to buy bottled water again. The lead measuring tool says 350 not matter what water I put it...
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I didn't like
  • Defective product
  • Sour taste after only 10 days
  • Brand new filter produced water with a chemical smell and taste
We've only been using our zero water for a couple of weeks and initially the water tasted exceptionally good. That was short lived, as now the water has a weird lemony taste, but not in a good way. You get the feeling something just isn't right. For what the filters...
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I didn't like
  • Bad tasting water
  • Quality of water
Zerowater - Filter Review from Denville, New Jersey
Bought a zero water replacement filter for my Brita pitcher. After only 8 days there was an awful fish smell....cleaned everything, still smelled fish. Until my boyfriend poured a glass of water and had to spit it in the sink! It stunk of dead fish....I smelled the...
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Hello My name is Gloria W. and we also had a similar experience. After just one and a half months of using the filter, the water tastes like lemons and when we boiled the water and make tea, the tea turned black. I added some milk and my milk tea then looks gray in...
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I'm from New Jersey, we dont have the best water so i purchased this product in hopes that it could help. At first it wasnt bad, but soon after we noticed that fishy smell to the water which is a constant complain on this site lol... I laugh because i no longer have...
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Zerowater - Water Filter Review from Denville, New Jersey
I purchased 2 units, worked great for about a 3 week period . After that time it is repulsive, tastes like bad lemon or bad fish. Do BUY this , it is an expensive waste of money. Do l have any recourse ?
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mine was like that too. i put it in the refrigerator and that stopped. I wash it out when you change the filter


We're you able to remove that fishy odor after changing filter ? We also had that problem after only 2 months ! Our meter had a reading of 0.64 which to our surprise was onl...

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Zerowater Zero Water Filtration System Review from Woodstown, New Jersey

I noticed a fishy smell after the second day of use, I have been sick for 2 days, my stomach has never hurt this bad and everything I eat or drink goes right through me. Glad I only purchased the replacement filter for my Brita pitcher. Cleaned the pitcher and there was a film of slime on the water! No wonder i am sick!
Woodstown, New Jersey