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we bought our filter pitcher 2 weeks ago. the bad taste started with being a tart taste then went to a foul rotton meat smell, on everthing the water touched. at first i thought it was time to clean the coffeemaker and even bought another one. to my surprise it was...
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Kangen water system is the ONLY water system to buy. You get what you pay for.


We had the same problem and have not used ours in over 4 or 5 months in hopes they change the filter glue or what ever they use.

Lovington, New Mexico
I didn't like
  • Product and high cost
  • Lifespan of filters
  • Tastes and smells like garbage
IN RESPONSE TO THE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT A *** SMELL FROM THE ZEROWATER FILTER. Did anyone smelling the fishy smell coming from the ZeroWater filter ever think that the God awful smell they're smelling is just the *** being filtered from your water and...
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Excellent comment! I sometimes wonder about people, many of them seem brain-dead! Did they think that once they bought this they would never have to change a filter? They look...


I just want to say that at first I was in agreement with your comment, that brita and pur don't filter as well as the zero water pitcher. But why wouldn't my tap water smel...

Corrales, New Mexico
I liked
  • Quality of water during lifespan
  • Science of the product
I didn't like
  • Lifespan of filters
The Lid falls of every time its being used to pour . The filter sheds black pieces that come out and end up in the water and the front of the lid fell of right away . So it is just plainly a waste of money . The only good thing is the measuring stick for the water ....
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This pitcher design is the pits! The lid falls off when you pour unless you hold it on, and holding it with one finer of the pouring hand doesn't work--pouring is a two-handed...

I have been smelling something fishy for a few months. The smell started out smelling like a fish bowl, then rotted fish. By the time I finally realized that it was coming from my Zero Water filter, I had Giardiasis!! The more my stomach ached, the more water I...
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my husband n i had been drinking from zerowater filter. despite the fact of the fishy smell. both became so sick. had to go ER today.


We also experience the fishy smell and taste, it usually happens after 3 weeks of changing filters and still within good meter readings


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