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I recently bought a water zero water filter, as the filter got older I experienced a bad smell which I could not locate. After eliminating certain conditions I narrowed it down to the filter, The condition of the water in the beginning was perfect but if it comes down...
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Milford, Nova Scotia
I didn't like
  • Smells like garbage
The 25 year old male who designed the ZeroWater dispenser should have asked his arthritic grandmother to try to get water. She would not have succeeded. His girl friend would likely have difficulty also unless she is an Amazon. Fortunately, the dispenser can easily...
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Bought the 6-litre Zero Water pitcher and filter. At first it was great. I already have an under-sink filter, but still had a slight taste of mineral salts in the water that kept me from wanting to drink it. Running the filtered water through the Zero Water filter made...
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I put a tablespoon of baking soda in my filter after it got that lemon thing going. The baking soda cured it but it still smells like fish..

Cambridge Station, Nova Scotia
I didn't like
  • Water tastes sour very fast
  • Quality of product
  • Quality of water
After 2 months usage with new pitcher water tastes worse than what comes out of the tap. Big rip off, and I am single without a very high water usage. Water tester gizmo shows 002 so particles are not the problem. No way am I paying $15-17 for a new filter every 2...
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i dont know what the rest of you peoples water measured in at, and if ya all bothered to read the directions you can see that the filters don't last as long if you have a very high total dissolved solids content in you water (tds meter included) my water is 47 tds and...
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I've tested Toronto tap water at over 160ppm, hot water can be 190ppm. You'll go through filters even quicker here...


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