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Where can i get filters in Puerto Rico

Cant get filters in Puerto Rico


my water qulity meter/dispositf

put new 1.5v in it still don't com on. I have put them in all different ways back an front .


about how often do I change filter

Two people are using the pitcher. We go through one pitcher a day.

How often do I change the filter? Thanks,Donna


Filter life varies per household - it depends on your household water consumption and the amount of TDS (total dissolved solids) in your tap water. Additionally, it is important that you periodically test your filtered water with your TDS meter and when the light comes on or the meter reads 006 or higher(depending on which meter you have) the filter should be replaced.


I put in a new filter and it registers 156 after adding water. Which means I need to change the filter because it should be changed at 006 ?

That is crap! The one I took out was used for a month and was at 009.


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