I have been to the doctor with a sore throat (treated with antibiotics and again with steriods... Neither helped) three times in the last two months since I started using the zero water system. last night I got up in the middle of the night and drank a glass of the...
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For once here is a customer with no complaints. My well water is so bad with salt and impurities that if you drink it you will throw up. Every time. I am not lying. So for more than 30 years we just dealt with it. You can bathe and you can cook with it but you cannot...
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Filter elements are coming out with the new unfiltered water on the entry point- black carbon? granules. Is it the defect on the filter itself? All filters I buy are the same. How do you prevent this? Defective filter of poor design? Is there a new advanced design?...
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Sally Haywood

fell in love with my zero water pitcher so bought another. Whoever designed the 7 cup zero water should be fired. Handle is large and I constantly spill water. Also the design...

Bought the 23 cup pitcher less than a week ago. Our tap water read 448ppm with the measuring stick and the zero pitcher got it down to 001. Three days later we all noticed the water tasted like lemon and we wondered if it was from using an old lemonade pitcher to fill...
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I didn't like
  • Overpriced
  • Bad taste after a couple of days
I can't believe how much this system and replacement filters cost per gallon. You'd be better off just ordering Sparklets or Arrowhead delivered right to your doorstep for that matter. Don't buy it! It only filters about six or seven gallons at best, I guess depending...
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I have been using Zero Water filters for about 8 years. All of a sudden the filters will only allow one fill to process to the jug, rather than the usual two fills. This is annoying and a time consuming flaw. I contacted the company....they sent a new filter......same...
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Zerowater - Very disappointed

Had for 1 month. Tastes like sour or baking soda. Very expensive. And it’s going in the trash. Do not trust. Not worth the expensive filters.
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Zerowater - Blocked filter.

Identical problem as mentionef above. New filter allowing only one-half of the resevoir to pass through.

Zerowater - Funny Taste after only 4 weeks

Lemony taste as others described, I am going back to Brita as I don’t want to but replace a filter every month

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Zerowater - Lot of Black particles in tray as well as a rusty colored goo
Hello I actually have 2 zero pitchers, and it’s the smaller capacity one that this issue is happening to. Lots of black pieces in the top of the tray with a goldish rusty colored goo. I bought this particular pitcher at Sams Club as it was on sale with additional...
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Greg Jones

Yes we have the same problem with particles thar black and golden floating in the top chamber . Really off putting . Have gone back to Brita !