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My experience is stressful with this product,.I have to either travel 2 hrs to Walmart to buy filters...or order online,.The eBay prices are off the wall,.for shipping,.Amazon prices for filters are over the top,.Wayfair,.well forget about that one,.unless you won the lottery,..The filters are NOT interchangeable,.I can only find the ZF-201 on eBay,.These filters have me in the poor house,.......Now!!,. I'm Not finished,.Whom-ever designed the 10 c,.pitcher should be fired,.as the lid falls off,.& to pour water into it ,.one has to make sure that the water goes into the front nose part,.& NOT onto the filter,.Why didn't they design it with the filter in the nose part,..Some filters leak the charcoal & yellowish beads,.What a waste of $$$$,...I am so frustrated with this product ,.I just don't know which way to turn,.I'm in my 70's & just can't get up & drive 2 hrs to buy these filters,.& with the gas prices,..Oh Dear!!......I require good filtration as I'm on well water,& It contains a high Iron & sulpher content,.my dogs drink ALOT of water,...I Don't buy bottled water for my dogs,"Borzoi's",& wee Poodles & cat,.. as I just found out last yr,.that these ridiculous Companies add Mineral/salts to the water,.......I am NOT a happy customer with Zero-Water,.........Jewell

Product or Service Mentioned: Zerowater Filtration System.

Reason of review: You only allow 1 issue,.I have many,.Bad Quality in design,.Way to expensive for filters,.& your customer service acts like they couldn't care less,..

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Zerowater Cons: Pitcher design, Poor qulity filters, Defective product.

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Zero water stated they would send a complimentary filter,.Again another deception,.from a Company,.as,. I have NOT rec. it,,& that was Over 2 wks ago,..


If you're putting water in the "nose" and not into the main white-plastic water tray, you're doing it wrong. The water goes into the water tray and slowly seeps downward through the filter which takes several minutes, and then you pour the filtered water OUT of the "nose" while holding the lid on with your fingers.

You're getting material out of the filter because you're trying to use it backwards.

I'm not connected with Zerowater, I'm just someone who has used a Zero for several years now.


When I said nose,.it means into the FRONT of the filter,.,.& Not directly onto the filter,Then it drips thru the filter into the bottom area,!!.I really don't think you knew what I was talking about,.Your thinking that the the spout is a nose,..Good Grief!!..I'm NOT ***,......Where else would I let the tap water go,.but into the main top chamber,...


Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear of your frustration.

Please give our customer service department a call at 800-503-2939, option 2. We would be happy to further discuss and resolve these issues.


Well Josh,.Obviously there is NO honesty with Zero Water,.as the one that was sent DID NOT come here ,.it was sent to an address in LITTLE CURRENT,Ontario .in which is a couple 100 miles from me,.I called you,.of course you wouldn't come to the phone,.The rep,.on ph,.confirmed my address,.So here I am waiting for UPS,..& again,.NO delivery,.of a replacement filter,...That was AUG 2cnd,..The zero Warer may filter,.BUT the filters are so cheaply made,.that some fall apart internally,.............I'm NOT a happy customer,.!!!!,........Jewell

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