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Have been using zero filter for several years for working away from home. Filter have worked very well, the water tasted great, would leave filter and pitcher in refrigerator while back home. After not using for a few weeks the filtered water would have the rotten fish...
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Water from new Zerowater pitcher tasted great for about 3 weeks. After that, the water has a harsh, chemical taste. Replacement filters are too expensive to have such a short...

I liked
  • Great alternative to bottled water
  • Taste of the filtered water
I didn't like
  • Smell after only 2 weeks

Zerowater Zero Water Filtration System Review from Salt Lake City, Utah

We bought this filter at costco and the first couple of days we loved it then the water started tasting like bleach so we switched the filter after only 4 days then we had the filter for about 2 weeks and the water started tasting fishy we looked at the top of the filter and it looked like orange caviar on top it was dusgusting we are very disapointed wish we could get our money back
I bought a 23 cup zero water pitcher at walmart it worked fine for a few times then we started smelling this horrible fishy smell and found out it was coming from the filter. yuck. then the water started tasting the same. Im really dissapointed thought I was buying a...
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I've had this system for under a year. I got the large capacity with the push button. The button broke last week and I am debating whether to buy another one or try a different brand of filter system. The filters are expensive and only last 3 weeks in my area. It...
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I am also debating on the expense side... Every 2 weeks for me sounds too expensive, what is peoples experience with Brita?

Purchased this product with high expectations. After the first couple of days, I would have given a whole hardheartedly endorsement. This of course changed after the second week. I started noticing a rubber taste in the water. My reading from the meter showed 002....
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Eagle Mountain, Utah
I had been using Brita for years and it never seemed to work well. I got a new Samsung refrigerator and the filtered water was worse than the Brita. I now have a Zero Water system and the water is amazing. It has no taste or smell and is very soft. Excellent buy. ...
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I purchased this item recently and it is not worth the money! The first one cracked and the second one smells like nasty rotten fish. I'm returning it right away and going back to my britta ! I thought it was the cup so I tried another one. I threw away my existing...
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We are so sorry to hear of your bad experience. Please contact out customer service department during normal business hours so that we may look into your experience further a...

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