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After having the system for 1 week we could not figure out where the stink was comming from.After searching high and low we finally figured it out,it was comming from the kettle when we boiled water which was filled from the Zerowater pitcher. The stink filled the whole house and we had to open up all the doors and windows. This is one big rip off.With high costs of the filters I will not replace them just to have the stink come back, its going back to where we bought it.We will be telling eveyone we know not to purchase this useless product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zerowater Filter.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #635587

Zero Water filters are advertised to have a life span, on average, of 3 months. This is dependent on your tap water TDS reading and amount of water used per filter; (002-050= 40gallons+.

051-200=25-40gallons. 201-300=15-25gallons. 301-500=8-15gallons. 500+=8gallons or less.) Typically, sour and odd tastes are associated with an expired filter with filtered water reading above 006; NOW, if you have purchased a filter at a retail store (walmart, target, BBB, etc.) and the product is malfuctioning or reading above 000 sooner than usual, call customer service (which, I know for a fact, they are reasonable) and tell them what's wrong, they WILL send you a replacement filter if it's within the 90 day warranty.

There were a few bad batches that were reported on shelves of retail stores and it is those store's responsibility to restock on the refurbed filters. Unless you live in an area similar to Texas where the water runs yellow out of the tap and impurities are present in the water that aren't present elsewhere in the US, then YES, there may be a health concern from drinking the water if not filtering properly. Though, most of the US has treated water that prevents these major health concerns, so the slightly off reading is Not a life or death situation unless your life medically depends on it. Additives like Flouride can be harmful, yet also helpful, depending on the amount in the water.

The cost can be extravagant if you have a high TDS or use copious amounts of water day to day, which is why we strongly encourage research before purchasing the product.

Many people love this product who have made sure it was right for them; Please don't go so far as to down the entire product line. There really IS an answer behind everything if you're willing to listen instead of consume, consume, consume.

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