We had to buy this zerowater filter because the tap city water here tastes like urine. The filtered water tasted much better than the tap water But pretty sterile, like dead water! it's a very strange scary feeling. Few days later, i got headaches and cramps in the stomach. We dish the whole thing once a week in hot water and Eco bleach powder (sonett), to avoid Bacteria growth in the filtered unmoving water which can lead to serious health problems and death. What a HEADACHE, not only the product maintenance but also unsafe!!

We are also very nervous about ANY water filter brands, especially Pitchers, because we know that when you remove or decrease a toxic or unwanted substance, no matter how ""advance"" the technology is, the result of chemical substances reacting with each other, will ALWAYS increase and/or create new UNKNOWN elements. So the results are ALWAYS bad

And like Anna said ' am wondering if there is a chemical in the filter that makes the water read 000'. It's VERY Smart Anna!! We believe that too. Even if the reading is not false, that does not mean or prove at allll that the water is good or SAFE!!!! Whatever is NOT Natural, is certainly Not good or safe. Nice and simple and TRUE! Follow and LOVE your own natural instinct ALWAYS, and Not the so-called experts, scientists, governments who are against Nature and believe they are God

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