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After a few weeks of use, whenever we fill the water reservoir just a small amount of water goes through the filter and then stops and the water in the reservoir just sits there. We even changed to a new filter and the same thing happens on the very first pitcher of water, again about one inch of water goes through and then just stops.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The water that goes through the filter tastes great. If it would filter all of the water that is put into the reservoir we would love the system but it doesn't do much good if you can't get the water to go through it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zerowater Filtration System.

Reason of review: water won't go through the filter.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same issue


I'm having same issue


I am seeing the same issue


We are having the same problem! And I just bought a year supply of filters!!!!!


I am having the opposite problem, the water is going around the filter too quickly and not going through it.


Put a tiny hole near the top of the container, but below where the reservoir sits, should fill up better. When u put the reservoir in the container it forms an airtight seal, so the water can't fill the container because it can't push the air above the water out to make room for the water.


I’m having the same problem, maybe they have a defective batch of filters. I’ve had mine for years with no problems. Somebody better straighten it out fast or they are going to have some serious issues.


Same issue. Love the water tho.


Me too brand new filet slow trickle tried all mentioned tricks NOTHING WORKS PISSED OFF


Thank you for your review. Sometimes the filters will develop an air pocket inside them.

This can happen as the filter contents settle in transit or during the filtration process as air bubbles can become trapped inside of the filter. Then once the water level in the pitcher meets the air pocket it can stop or severely slow down the flow of water through the filter due to the pressure of the water both above and below the air pocket inside the filter. To alleviate this it is best to lift the filter and reservoir out of the pitcher or dispenser and tap the side of the filter using moderate force to help break up the air pocket. Then take just the filter & reservoir to the sink and put about an inch of water into the reservoir and allow that to run through the filter and right into the sink to displace and dispel the air pocket.

After that has completed then return the filter and reservoir to the pitcher or dispenser and continue to filter water as normal.

If this does not solve your issue please contact our customer support team at1-800-503-2939 option 2. They are available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM CST.


these instructions for fixing a slow filter worked.


Worked! I also punch a few very small holes in the top of the great now!


So frustrating! I returned the first one as the filter would not thread onto the reservoir.

Second one takes forever to fill! I banged the filter to get the air out but it is still not filling.

Think I will go back to the Brita. I liked this one because it fits in my fridge better but...


Sometimes?!? How about EVERY time. I hate the zero water filter.


Why not fix this obvious defect.Your filters are very expensive & poorly constructed !


This is an unacceptable common problem with your filters. Until this is fixed I will not recommend ZeroWater.

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