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Extremely "Fishy" Sour Taste & Smell to the water & Pitcher itself after a few weeks of use :( Lots of particles always coming out of the Filter as well !!!!!!!!!
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Hello,You will know when filter life has been exhausted when you notice a difference in taste and/or smell with the filter . This means it is time to change you filter. Also, ...

after two months of limited use the water started smelling awful ! unusable ! absolute waste of money . bought one for our daughter ,exact same thing happened to her. went back to a pure system, no recourse from zero water they must know of this problem and just...
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I was initially happy with Zero Water. But after one or two uses, the filter stops working meaning that water stops flowing through it. Last night I filled the pitcher half ...


Um ... try CHANGING THE FILTER. This is not a breadbox. This is a FILTER. Which means it gets FULL OF THE GARBAGE IN YOUR WATER. Do you change the oil in your car? Or ...

I purchased the twin charcoal filters fo my Zero water system. I have been using this system for a few years with no problem whatsoever. Opened the 1st one screwed it on and noticed black specks in the pitcher. Did it again and same thing, also noticed the charcoal...
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I have been using Zero water for a few years problem. This last order had 2 filters and both allow the charcoal to bleed out into the hold reservoir and also into the filtered water pitcher. I used the first one which allowed the charcoal pack to seperate...
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I have used zero water for many years and loved it. I have had nothing but trouble with the new design filters. The water remains in the top of the pitcher. After poking holes with a toothpick the little black granules of charcoal back up into the top and mingle...
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I was just looking up the phone number to call for this very complaint...what the heck????? I loved the old filters, awesome product... now i don't even want to...

bought pitcher filter package. took many, many cleanings to get filter to read 000. after 6 - 7 fillings, it read -011 & the water tasted foul! bought new filter. cannot get pitcher to read 000 - it reads 008. this is a very expensive waste of money. each filter costs...
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What - exactly - does this end-user mean by \"cleaning the filter\" & \"cleaning the filter several more times\"? Though one would assume that cycling tap or \"pre-filtered\"...

The Beav

Did you call the zerowater abbout this? Same thing happened to me and they were able to fix it.


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