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Has anyone read the directions on these things? ALL water filters are supposed to be replaced regularly, usually on a monthly basis unless not often used, then they might last a little longer.

Does anyone have any idea how much *** is actually in tap water? It's a wonder the filters last as long as they do. I live in Chicago, where we have quite possibly the best tap water on earth and there's still enough chemicals and contaminants in it that I can literally smell the water coming out of the faucet. I have a pur filter that is either 1,2, or 3 stages, I forget, but even with a much less advanced filtration system like that, that doesn't filter out nearly as much as Zero water does, the filters are still supposed to be replaced on a monthly basis if used regularly.

How long do you think it takes a filter that supposedly filters out 100% of contaminants, to get clogged with all the *** it filters out? Some of you say you leave the same filter in there for months at a time, OF COURSE THE WATER ISN'T GOING TO BE FILTERED PROPERLY. After that long, it's a wonder water even gets through the filter.

You people should pay more attention to instructions and owner's manuals before you go bashing a product. Of course, it's usually the case with any review that the problems people have with the product are a result of user error but still, you might actually really like your roduct if you followed proper operational procedure.

Review about: Zerowater Filtration System.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #846732

I live in Chicago also, but the Zerowater stopped filtering water on the 2nd day. It just stalled.

We read online to empty, remove the filter and put it back. It continued to work, but now the tds count went from 0 to 140. And now it has a strange smell and taste.

Almost fish-like as described by others. This water now tastes WORSE than my tap water!

This filtering system is a fail in my book.


well said

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