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I bought Zero Water filter from Walmart. We used for only 4 days... Now the water after going threw the filter taste like lemons and a very acidic and metallic tasting fluid. I won't call it water cause it tasted like pollution of some sort.

I'm going to call the Health Dept. tomorrow to report it....

Here in AZ we drink a lot of water and we count on filtration because of the terrible water conditions here...

Started out great, but now (just after 4 or 5 gallons) is dangerous to me and my family making us sick with flu like symptoms...

I have been sick for 3 days now just starting to feel a little better...

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After using Zero Water for 3weeks, I became ill and dehydrated.To test if the Filter was the problem, I placed a small flashlight at the bottom of the zero water pitcher, and poured water thru the top.

Small, clear silicone beads were observed floating in the bottom of the Pitcher. They looked like the moisture absorbing beads found in some boxes of new shoes, which are toxic. From what I've observed. I believe silicone would demineralize the drinking water and cause dehydration due to no minerals in the Zero water.

The source of the bitter taster could not be determined, but I'm surprised Zero water doesn't put any warning on their label.I will never buy this product again.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1144180

i sorry to hear that i dont work for zero water but i and my family ,friends love it


I researched water filters one time and the Ultimate Pur water filter was the best.It took the most impurities (99%) from the water including lead.

I bought the Ultimate Pur water filter for the kitchen faucet.

It lasted about 2-3 months.I knew the water was really clean of impurities and metals.


My wife and I recently purchased the ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser from Walmart and thought it was an upgrade from a similar size Brita water filter.Today we smelled a sour or fishy smell coming from the ZeroWater dispenser and found mold on the filter.

It makes since now because we have been complaining about mild headaches, stomach bloating, and restless sleep.Now we both have to pay for a doctors visit.



I too bought a Zero Water filter.Filled it about 10 times and the water has a horrible bitter after taste that makes it undrinkable.

DON'T BUY ONE they are terrible.

Very irritated to have spent the money, this company needs to cease and desist!Can we file a class action suit or something?

to Anonymous #1123206

Please, we must call them out on this issue large scale.


I had the same experience!What recourse do we have.

The water is rancid lemon metallic.

Can't believe this is still marketed!

to Anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1112388

The Ultimate Pur water faucet filter gets more than other faucet or pitcher impurities out if the water.I've never had any problem with mine.

A red light comes on when the filter needs to be disposed of, about 2-3 months.

The pkg of 2 filters and one faucet filter holder and connector was only about $39-40.

Tony Burke

I bought a ZERO WATER from Walmart, the filters don't last very long before the numbers reach 006, the Tester has malfunctioned and Walmart doesn't carry them. Does the Tester use a battery and where do I get it?


My dog is in kidney failure after 3 months of drinking ZeroWater!

Did you ever get to the health department?

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