Owned the Zerowater (sold at Target)purifier for three months. Expensive initially and purifiers are twice what others sell for.

Touted as cleanest water purifier. Box says purifier should last 2-3 months. Our lasts a month. When purifier needs changing, the water in the pitcher tastes terrible has to be tossed, unlike other purifiers.

There is indication mfr puts sometime in the unit to make us change it. YOU CANNOT RETURN IT TO TARGET. Box says call Customer Service but the don't return calls. This product appears to be expensive hype to me.

AND, if you return used purifiers to mfr, you pay postage and you get a coupon for $5 off next purchase which barely covers postage. Bottled water is cheaper easier better.

A total money suck with no customer service.

Location: San Diego, California

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We did notice a strange taste to filtered water after about one month of use.


zero water is one of the few, and the least expensive of all of them, that will filter out the fluoride (poison) that the government is putting our tape water. for this reason alone is is why i keep buying them.


TDS by itself means nothing. TDS is a measure of the dissolved mineral salt in the water.

Whether the water has TDS or not does not, but itself tell you anything about the purity of the water.

In fact, the World Health Organization has indicated that studies show that people who have higher TDS in their drinking water have LOWER rates of cardio vascular disease and cancer. The US FDA REQUIRES mineral water to have a certain level of TDS in them.


Everyone is talking about fish smell...but no one is talking about what their water readings were before filtering...and what the water readings were out of the ZeroWater filter when fishy smell occurred. I have used this system for almost 2 years now.

Our tap is around 85-115ppm most of the time. There are only 2 people in my household so we don't use as much as other families might.I would have to say we use 10 gallons a month in the 23 cup dispenser. Just put in my THIRD filter two weeks ago. That is counting the filter that came in the dispenser.

I test the filtered water about once a week.

Seems like I am getting almost 6 months of use from each filter...NEVER had an odor or smell. I keep the water refrigerated at all times other than to fill. And I never let the reading get over 006...as per the included instructions.I agree with some other commenters that buying filters in bulk could be a good solution for people that have lower quality tap to begin with. I would strongly suggest ordering filters from ZeroWater's website and participating in the recycling program.

You now get a coupon code for $10 for every 2 filters. I hope you can combine those coupons to buy bulk packs of filters later.


After a year of use in Seattle, the Zerowater pitcher system is the best point-of-use water filtration we've ever had. Seattle has comparatively low TDS in its tap water compared to many cities because it sources primarily surface rain and snowmelt in the Cascades.

That just means our filters last longer than most, but our conclusion on the quality is based on using the filter according to its design, which many comments here suggest is not understood well. ("I hate Fords. Every time I try to drive through the nearby lake, it quits on me!") ZW is not a bacteriological filter. If that's what you need, sue your town and buy a Katadyn ceramic with the proceeds.

:roll ZW's certifications are for dissolved inorganic materials that the municipal systems typically do a poor job of reducing (and many add to them with fluoride). If you're getting large TDS readings or a fish smell from the ZW after a short period, that means that something is wrong with how it was assembled or it's pulling some really ugly *** out of your water and changing the filter every month or two and keeping the pitcher in the refrigerator to reduce any organic growth is the answer.

Going back to another filter that doesn't do that just means passing more of the *** through, like buying bottled water means for putting plastic into the environment. (Hopefully you recycle consistently and effectively.)


Pretty funny all the people who say everyone needs to change the filter, by now they probably have started to get the fish smell too. Zero water changed their filter design, and went even further to change the faq section of their website to state that the current filter design is meant for municipal water only. When I purchaced our zero water with the original filters my owners manual describes what to expect for results from my well water.


I agree with all the other complaints. way too expensive & don't last very long. I never would have bought it if I knew how expensive the filters were.


I purchased Zero's 5 gallon dispenser and put it on a primo water cooler that is sold at Walmart and for the life of me I don't know why Zero doesn't advertise this awesome combination. It was easy to install and mine has lasted for almost two years now.I don't know why some people are having issues with Zero's massive water filters (one should clean an 200 gallon aquarium in less than two hours)Maybe it's the water you are starting with; like the person experiencing a severe salty taste after the 3rd week of use.

Since there is no salt in any of the filter elements it would be impossible for the filter to be the culprit,don't even get me started with the fish smell.Filtration isn't rocket science guys it's pretty straight forward and Zerowater had done it's homework when they designed their water filters.After continued use (approx 2-3 gallons a day)My water meter will start to show a 1 or 2 after the third month.

Thats right 3RD MONTH! of central Texas tap water.


That's good! Out of curiosity, what is your TDS tap water?


Started with Britafilter...went to zero h2o because I am a nurse & wanted a healthier solution to our over 400 count water....first pitcher had a crack...customer service did replace....have been using system for almost six months...yes water is good tasting for about 3 to 4 weeks...after that, a severe salty taste occurs....in short, A very expensive temporary solution.....may go back to bottled water....


:sigh :sigh Yup, two weeks perfect & then dead fish smell :cry


Have used my water dispenser system for 5, yes 5 years Noooo! Problems.

Pouring in 450 ppm, zero coming out! And as of this post still have not changed original filters.water system in our community failed e.p.a. safety regs trust my zerowater with my life!

BEST $99.00 I ever spent. :)


Have used my water dispenser system for 5, yes 5 years Noooo! Problems.

Pouring in 450 ppm, zero coming out! And as of this post still have not changed original filters.water system in our community failed e.p.a. safety regs trust my zerowater with my life!

BEST $99.00 I ever spent. :)


I do not say Zero Water it doesn't work; it does work and the water is good however that's only if you change the filter every two weeks. You can keep it longer but at your own risk.

It will not be very long after the 2 weeks when the water starts smelling and tasting like fish. The filters are $30 for 2 and at 2 per month that's $360 per year.

If you're willing to pay that, then you will like your system. I am not willing and I am throwing mine in the trash.


When my parents first bought Zero Water, we were amused at comparing it to other sources of water. The first time we tested our filtered water, it did read 000.

Yesterday, I got a cup of water and right when I was about to drink it, I got a whiff of a fishy smell. I put the cup in the sink, assuming the cup was the problem. I was wrong. I grabbed another cup and it had the same smell!

We tested the water, it read 066.

This is only a few weeks after owning it. I know we have put a lot of water through our filter, but even our Brita water, which tested around 106, tasted much much better than this.


Water filtration lifetime and success is all based on what you start with. I live in San Diego - the free solid tester with Zero verified what the city sends to me annually - solids of around 300ppm.

Zero did produce 0 reading. That said due to such a high amount of minerals in the tap water - i know the filter will not last long - time is not the issue - its the amount of water passed through the filter generally. my reverse osmosis filters do not last long for my fish (1/4 of what they do in purer water areas).

Zero works and the Brita time replacement is only a rough guide. I tested my Brita it halved the solids to 150 from 300 but not to zero with Zero.

I prefer the clean taste of Zero for my coffee , tea and water - try drinking both at room temp then you know why Brita has to be chilled - yuk.

Still both are better than the tap water in hard water areas. That said I still buy bottle water that is pure and tasty such as perrier and volvic is my fav as being more alkaline....crystal geyster is better than arrowhead and the TDS reader from Zero verified crystal to be purer..it all good but bottled may work out cheaper ...you just have to carry it or subscribe for delivery


Why I love zero water. I agree with some of the complaints above to this extent: Water will taste funny once the level reaches #6 on water tester.

But it does state in the instructions that the filter is not good after it reaches level #6 on filter. This is the cleanest water. The filter will last long if your water is not significantly full of ***. The cleaner your water is already will contribute to the lifespan of the filter.

This is the purest water available. And It is worth the expense for my children.

Buy at least 8 to 10 at a time, and you will save on cost. I use the water for my kids, and for my steamer, iron and makeup products.


I experienced the same thing with the fish smell. I've had the filter about a month then it started smelling like dead fish.Yeah dead fish smell can't be good.


I have read the post here and will tell all of you that there is not one person here who has any of it entirely right...

You all have a lot of homework to do.


I saw a lot of ads re this new pitcher and was curious if it would work better than my Britas. So took out the included meter and first tested our tap water which was 199.

Next I tested the Brita water which came up at 160. Then put together zero water pitcher, mind you not correctly the first time. Reading can be fun. Anyway once I put it together properly it did register at 000.

I also like that the ability to pour out the top or the spout on the bottom front.

The water does taste great, even my grandson likes it and says it's the best water he's ever tasted. I do use a lot of water and will be taking readings regularly to check the filter.

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