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bought pitcher filter package. took many, many cleanings to get filter to read 000.

after 6 - 7 fillings, it read -011 & the water tasted foul! bought new filter. cannot get pitcher to read 000 - it reads 008. this is a very expensive waste of money.

each filter costs $16. still cannot get filter to read 000 in pitcher no matter how many times i clean it! sure, my water reads 344 to start, but this system is too expensive, too fussy, too difficult to get a good reading to start.

once the filter reads 011, the water cannot be used for anything. i'll go back to the Brita.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zerowater Filter.

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What - exactly - does this end-user mean by "cleaning the filter" & "cleaning the filter several more times"? Though one would assume that cycling tap or "pre-filtered" Brita® water (my personal method to extend Zero-Water® filter life, as the WSSC'S (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) tap water reads values as high as 450 ppm & the lowest was 392 ppm (roughly equivalent to 392 milligrams per liter; more than a full-sized aspirin tablet - for the ob/comp nit-pickers out there, I'm only counting the total amount of acetylsalicylic acid per tablet; not inert excipients also present.

A non-enteric coated aspirin tablet's mass is approximately 500 mg, likely due to binders & other excipients that enhance dissolution in stomach acid.).

Post-Brita®, the tap water was reduced in TDS from approx. 450 to about 150.

This water I then cycle through the ZeroWater® pitcher system. The end user's statement to the effect that water reading higher than 006 is "useless" is evidence of a faulty cognitive process; he/she can go back to their Brita® & values likely over 100 ppm post-filtering.


Did you call the zerowater abbout this? Same thing happened to me and they were able to fix it.

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