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I bought the pitcher at Target as it was on sale for $17.99, I knew they make no claim re: fluoride and arsnic but I also knew San Diego water is horrifying.Unfortunately I have also found the filter only lasts 4 weeks tops before the light begins to turn on and if you don't immediately change the filter it will be such nasty gross water. The actual process I am grateful for however as I did learn I don't actually like zero TDS water. I prefer...
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Anonymous Horrible QC for filters! They not necessarily new! Horrible QC for filters! They not necessarily new! Buyers beware!
Replacement filters have not quality control! I have be...

I liked
  • Convenience and 5 stage filtration
I didn't like
  • Cost of filter for amount filtered

With Official Company Response

I started looking for a new filter and stumbled across a website about complaints for Zerowater. One complaint talked about stomach cramps which I had for about a month. I threw out the water filter and most of the cramps went away in a week and were totally gone after 2 weeks. I wish I had saved the receipt so I could have returned it. But I didn't really care, I just wanted good tasting water that wouldn't make me sick which I did not get...
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Anonymous You need to change the filter. The filter isn't made to last forever.


ZeroWaterTeam Hello, We are sorry to hear this. When the filtered water tastes acidic or fishy the filter has reached the point of exhaustion and must be replaced. We suggest testing your f...

I didn't like
  • Foul tasting water that made me sick

Zerowater Filter Review

The new replacement filters that i bought from Bed Bath and Beyond don't allow the pitcher to fill with water the whole way