I got the zerowater filter as a gift about 2 weeks ago. The first week of use was fine then it started to taste strange, like a lemon or citric acid taste to it.

At first I thought perhaps the water was taking up odors from food in the refridgerator so I didnt think much of it and cleaned the fridge, changed out the water and tried again. Still, the same strange smell and taste. Both me and my husband havent been feeling well and thought perhaps we were coming down with the flu but after 7 days of waking up sick to our stomach and other digestive issues I finally decided to test this water and compare it to my tap water. My tap water registered at 445ppm the same water AFTER filtration was over 800ppm almost TWICE the amount of particulates than the unfiltered water.

No wonder we feel like ***. What have we been drinking and is it even fit for human consumption?

I'll be filing a complaint for sure this is so unexceptable for the amount of money one pays the least you could do is offer a quality product. FAIL!

Product or Service Mentioned: Zerowater Filter.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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They are getting sick because their dishes are dirty. They probably handwash glasses and have residue. I can make my zero water act up too.


I've been sick for 4 days due to this *** filter. I thought I had food poisoning.

Diarrhea, fever, vomiting. Then I started to notice a smell and a taste to the filtered water. The "oxidation reduction alloy" must be quite poisonous for humans. I cut open the old filter and it looks like sand.

Smelled it, and it is definitely what I was tasting/ smelling in the filtered water. Thanks zero water for ruining my week.


You guys are nuts or just plain old liars. A) Why didn't you test the filtered water to begin with?

B) There is no way the filtered stuff is going to be 800! C) If your tap water is 445, you must be living next to a steel plant or something; that's just crazy!

to Anonymous #1150543

I live in Broken Arrow OK and my tap water TDS is 327 , when I tested the water coming straight out of the filter it was reading over 600 and tasted god awful. I can only hope it wasn't making my newborn sick as we used this for his formula.

to Anonymous #1516261

It made me sick and my husband sick also after using the Zero in just 4 days! My daughter has been using it for 4 months and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her till we now got sick with using it.

I'm praying she is going to be ok now that she has stopped drinking water using the Zero. Scary!!!


Same here, the water tasted "zingy" and I began getting sweaty palms, tender stomach, headache, and feeling fatigued the same day I bought it.

I Followed the instructions to a T.

Something is definitely wrong, I want a refund immediately.


Same experience here. Why isn't this off the market yet?


We are so sorry to hear of your bad experience. Please contact out customer service department during normal business hours so that we may look into your experience further and assist you in resolving this to your satisfaction.

Customer Service: 1.800.503.2939

Visit ZeroWater: www.zerowater.com

Where we value our Customers!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #604625

I have been using the Zero water filtration pitcher for over a year. I have not been made sick by the water from the pitcher.

I am only on my 7th filter which is close to being due for a change. Yes the higher the amount of particles the filter has to remove the less time the filter will be good. This is clearly stated on the box. The water readings in my house vary from mid 200's to lower 300's and my filter lasts around a month give or take depending on the water readings.

This is more economical than buying water at the store. I pay around $10 per filter which are shipped to my house and filter around 30 gallons with each filter now with bottled water costing $1 a gallon plus the cost of fuel to transport from the store I'm actually saving more than $20 a month plus the water is very safe. These filters work by retaining the particles from the water so when they are full the particles will flow into the water making it taste worse because it will actually have more particulate from the overflow of the full filter. Also you have to make sure the filter is sealed and not leaking unfiltered water through.

Besides one cannot rule on a cause of sickness unless that was the only consumed product prior to the sickness which would be impossible in this case cause one cannot live off of water alone.

Spokane, Washington, United States #601146

The very same thing happened to my family and I. fishy smell, fishy taste and sick family after 2 months of using it.

i too replace the filter purchased at walmart, and the same thing happened after about a month.

our first unit was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond

on pinterest and facebook (WicklessGifts)

Dallas, Texas, United States #599336

This should prove to you that "Everyting THAT GLITTER IS NOT GOLD".


I, too, had the sour/acidic taste, the fishy smell (exaggerated by my warm humidifier) and got sick twice so far! I think my GI tract was infected by this Zero water system!

Never had that happen with Brita faucet filter!

I now have the snap on Pur Faucet mineral clear filter! Much better tasting due to some necessary minerals left in like Poland Spring or Fiji water bottled!


Has my second filter in. The first one ran fine but didn't last long as it clogged up and stopped filtering.

This one lasted a couple weeks but yesterday I tasted a nasty acidic/salty taste. At first I thought it was a dirty bottle ( I reuse sports water bottles - mostly Ice Mountain) but after a couple different bottles I realized it must be the filter.

My tap water tests 133 but after filtering it runs 198. What the heck?

to OhioJim #599312

You're so right, OhioJim! Zero water is basically distilled water & obviously the filters become contaminated and I've been sick 2x in 2 months which I attribute to zero water!

to Lillybelle #934689

I had the same sickness from Zero filter! I had a strange vertigo, tinnitus, spaced out feeling.


couldn't find out why $3,000 later. I stumbled across this after "Googling" zero water smelly water.

to Nashvegas Queens, New York, United States #978248

I went into a doctor's office and filled my bottle from their zerowater filtration system and became sick immediately, I felt malaise, nausea, cotton mouth, weakness, dizziness, I was shocked and began to cry, all the while thinking that I was having a breakdown because I was accompanying a loved one with a medical issue and everyone acted like I was over reacting, they took my blood pressure and said it was low, I begged for tap water and it helped stop the sweats and my pressure began to slowly go up. If you take the time to research this company you will see that they settled a suit in 2011 but are still out there doing business, they sell pitchers but they also sell a dual filtration system for offices and blame the consumers if they don't change the filters often enough, they claim to have some kind of meter which comes with the device, I don't care about their meters, I am still sick and it has been 4 days after ingesting an entire bottle, we all fill out water bottles from these units thinking they are safe, I was thirsty and though the unit looked dark, who knows how long the dirty filters have been in there and how much bacteria, mold, fungus and gunk I consumed.

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